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    ATEM Mini HDMI Switcher / Streaming Device

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • ATEM Mini HDMI Switcher / Streaming Device
    • Locking power adapter
    • 3' HDMI Cable
    • 6' Ethernet Cable
    • USB3 & USB-C Cables

    Better to think of this device as a fancy box that gets HDMI video sources into your computer, or a frame rate conversion device, rather than as a switcher.  Having said that, you can plug up to 4 high definition HDMI sources into it with non-matching frame rates up to 1080/60P (including computers), and it will cut or dissolve between those sources.  The switched “Program” output of the ATEM always gets streamed over USB to your computer, where it will show up essentially as a webcam to whatever streaming software you are using (OBS, Flash Media Live Encoder, Skype, etc).  The HDMI output is assignable by accessing the device through BlackMagic’s software.  You can tell it to simply “pass through” HDMI input number 1, which introduces no delay in the signal.  You can also assign the HDMI output to show either a Preview of the next source, or make it show the same switched “Program” feed that the USB port is always sending to the streaming computer.  For those of you used to a “regular” switcher, it’s important to note that there is no multiview out on this device: you have no quad split showing your 4 inputs and a Program/Preview screen.  That’s why I said off the start that although you can switch sources, this device is not really a traditional switcher.  Where this unit really shines is for the people who want to stream their video game playing to Twitch.  Input number 1 passes the signal from your console or PC through with no delay, and then you can plug the output of a camera into another HDMI input to film yourself doing “picture-in-picture” commentary over top of your game play.

    Accessing the ATEM through software also lets you have finer control over audio routing (including its 3.5mm microphone inputs), keying, and the other capabilities that most Blackmagic switchers have.  It’s really an incredible device, especially for the price!