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    Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    • 200 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
    • Metabones M4/3 to Canon EF Speedbooster adaptor with locking bayonet
    • Full cage with HDMI/USB locks, Metabones support and single 15mm rod attachment
    • Detachable sun hood
    • Two 256GB CFast cards, USB-C/3 card reader
    • Two FP970-style batteries w/Dtap and USB, Charger + AC
    • Six 2600mA batteries, two dual USB chargers
    • AC power supply & Dtap power cable
    • T3 to full size XLR cable

    This Micro Four Thirds sensor camera can shoot 4K (or UHD) at up to 60 frames per second, and windowed HD at up to 120fps.  It has multiple ProRes codecs to choose from, but the ability to capture 12 stops of dynamic range to it’s onboard Blackmagic RAW format is where the camera really shines.  This allows you maximum latitude in Post Production and is a game changer at this price point.  The new sensor has dual ISO modes leading to excellent low light noise levels.  We include a Metabones EF Speedbooster to get more light gathering out of our Canon full frame lenses, and the fact that the adaptor is bolted to the camera cage and has a locking bayonet mechanism means even large lenses are secure.  The camera  is controlled and monitored by the 5″ touchscreen on the back, along with dedicated hard buttons for certain functions.  It has some nice audio capabilities including built-in stereo mics, a standard 3.5mm jack and additionally a mini-XLR that can supply phantom power.

    We’ve equipped our model with a full cage that includes clamps for a HDMI cord and a USB-C cord.  Using the USB-C port you can record to an external solid state hard drive, but in the interests of weight and “pocketability”, we include two 256GB CFast cards for efficient onboard recording, and a reader that is USB-C capable for fast offload times.  The camera can also record to fast SD cards (not included).  At 23.98 in UHD at 3:1 RAW (in other words, highest quality), each CFast card lasts 39 minutes.  At 12:1 RAW, the card lasts 156 minutes.  The camera is made out of carbon fibre for light weight, but its width and the cage make it a bit wide to mount onto our Ronin-S gimbal, so we’ve included an offset plate for that purpose.  We also include a short full size XLR adaptor cord, and a Dtap cable to power the unit off of a large Vmount battery.

    Speaking of power, the camera comes with an AC power supply and six aftermarket 2600mA Canon LP-E6 style batteries with two dual chargers.  Operators found that the stock batteries just weren’t cutting it though, so our new solution uses Sony FP970 style batteries that mount securely to the top or side of the frame.  Much longer run times, no hand held fatigue with great usability, and our batteries have Dtap and USB outs to run accessories if need be.  Come take it for a spin!