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    CamTram 2500 Slider

    • 125 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • CamTram 2500 Slider
    • Roller units, side wheel guides, bottom wheel guides
    • Mitchell, 150mm, 100mm head mounts
    • Stackable mount height spacers
    • Hard carry case

    Compatible Add-Ons:

    Sliders and dollies fight a constant battle between being small enough for transport, while being big enough to be useful.  The CamTram 2500 has been designed from the start to use common items that you can find in any hardware store for its slide surface.  Probably its best “found” solution is an extension ladder, which you can find practically anywhere in the world.  Other solutions can be built from aluminum pipe, speed rail or even 2×4 lumber.  We’ve also have a custom designed solution that can be shipped with you: the Track-In-The-Box.  Like the CamTram, the Track-In-The-Box ships in a Pelican case that is under 70 pounds, and can be assembled into either a 3, 6 or 9 foot track.

    Our CamTram kit includes Mitchell, 150mm & 100mm bowl mounts that have height adjustability by using different sized risers.  Set- up is very intuitive and the unit can adjust its width from 6 to 24 inches to fit your “track”.  The unit has two wheels at each corner, and each set uses a rocker mechanism to smooth out small imperfections on the slide surface. Each wheel’s tread is made up of three rubber O-rings.  This ensures smoothness and quiet operation, and by removing the middle O-ring, you can tailor the rig for running on pipe.  Like training wheels on a bike, the adjustable guide wheels limit excursions while still letting it slide easy.  We include a 10’ aluminum ladder for when it’s taken out locally, but given its flexibility and access to the Track-In-The-Box, it gets used quite a bit on the road.

    TRACK IN THE BOX $75/day