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    Cinevate Atlas Slider

    • 75 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Cinevate Atlas Slider
    • 58" steel rods with carrying tube
    • Hard case with carriage, end clamps and legs
    • Two lightweight stands with ⅝" studs

    This slider has approximately 55 inches of travel.  It can handle heavier loads, while still being remarkably portable.  The length is provided by two 58 inch chromed steel rods.  The carriage unit slides onto the rods, and then the rods are fastened to two end clamps.  The end clamps help to maintain the same spacing as the carriage, they have slots and holes for mounting the slider, and they have four height adjustable surface legs.  The nice thing about this slider is that it will take a 100mm bowl head.  Most camerapeople have a 100mm tripod with them.  You can take the head off that tripod and place it on the slider, and then with the right fasteners, use the legs of the tripod to secure one end of the slider.  The other end can supported with the included ⅝” light stand (in fact we include two stands if you don’t want to use your tripod).  Sturdy, transportable, long movement and uses your existing gear.