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    Dedolight 2 Light Tungsten 24 volt Kit

    • 85 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Dedolight 2 Light Tungsten 24 volt Kit
    • Two 150 watt zooming light heads with switched AC cords
    • Two projector lenses w/carry bags
    • Two light weight stands (external)
    • Spare bulb
    • Hard carry case

    Compatible Add-Ons:

    DedoLight’s unique lens system means your light is circular with consistent intensity across the entire beam.  You can make it a narrow beam, or feather it out soft & wide.  These lights have 150 watts of output, and they are 24 volt light heads, but the ballast is built into the fixture itself.  The DC bulbs are less stressed and seem to last forever.  Unlike the 12v kit’s hard levels of dimming on the ballast, these units have smooth variable dimming built into the light head itself.

    Packaged with these light heads are Dedo’s projection lenses.  These slide into slots on the front of the light, and modify the beam.  You can use them to stay with a soft edge, or focus the beam so it is a perfect circle with a hard edge.  Being able to focus the beam means these can become photo projectors by putting slides into a special slot.  You can also replace the slides with specially cut (or hand designed) gobos to project sharp or diffused patterns on the wall.