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    Edelkrone Slider

    • 75 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Edelkrone Slider
    • Talk to us about a flat head or swivel for your camera
    • Powered head, control cables, power supply, battery & charger
    • Sled motor unit and computer unit, control cables, power supply, battery

    Much like Apple, Edelkrone “thinks different” when it comes to the design of their gear.  If you place this slider on a table top using its included end feet, it is a “normal” slider with about two feet of useable travel.  However if you mount the central block of the slider to a tripod, the camera on its sled moves the same two feet, and the track that the sled is on also moves about two feet, doubling the useable travel of the slider.  It’s quite something to see, and an ingenious design.  This does mean though that most of the slider mechanism and the weight of your camera and head are hanging two feet outside of the center of gravity of the tripod.  This means only very light cameras can be used with the Edelkrone, you must have a tripod with a wide base, and on a bowl head, you must tighten the bowl down tight to avoid any slippage.

    For an extra $50/day, there are a couple of add-ons to the slider that greatly increase its capabilities.  There is a programmable motor to control the sled that clips on to the end of the slider, and there is also a powered tilt/pan head for small cameras (think DSLR).  Essentially, by combining these two units, you’re able to do a form of repeatable motion control.  These units can be AC powered, or we include two batteries and a charger.