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    Fujinon 50×9.5 B4 Mount HD Zoom Lens

    • 750 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Fujinon 50×9.5 B4 Mount HD Zoom Lens
    • Custom fit fiberglass & aluminum shipping case
    • VCT-14 quick release camera plate, Vinten Vector compatible V-Plate w/hex screws and wrench
    • Built-in zoom motor, remote zoom handle, pan arm clamp
    • Sony RM-B170 Camera Control Unit with 30' multipin cable
    • Remote focus knob, pan arm clamp, flex cable
    • End cap, cloth/velcro element cover

    Compatible Add-Ons:

    Ideal for sports mobiles or for when they put the podium camera at the back of the room, this lens has a reach of 950mm with extender.  Unlike most high magnification studio “box” lenses, you don’t need a studio camera to use this unit.  ENG cameras can be mounted directly behind the lens on its built-in sled, and we include a VCT-14 quick-release plate for easy connection of ⅔” B4 mount cameras.  The entire lens can be powered and controlled off the 12pin connector of an ENG camera, just as if it was a hand held lens.  It can even run off the camera’s battery.  It is 9.5mm at the wide end, with a huge out piece of glass that gathers lots of light, for an F-stop of 1.7 wide open.  Studio zoom and focus controls are supplied.  One of the most popular cameras that we pair with the lens is our Sony PDW-700/800, and we include a portable CCU (Sony’s RM-B170) with it to enable local iris control for the lens.  The lens weighs close to 50 pounds without the camera, and requires a very substantial tripod head for support and control.  We’ve paired it with the Vinten Vector 70.  This head  maintains counterbalance through plus or minus 60 degrees of tilt, and can hold a maximum of 154 pounds of camera and lens.  MidCan has designed custom hard cases for the lens, the head and all their accessories.

    FUJINON 50x HD BOX LENS  $750  



    Package with SONY PDW-700 CAMERA,