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    GoPro Hero4 Black

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • GoPro Hero4 Black
    • One 64GB microSD card with USB card reader
    • Three batteries with dual simultaneous USB charger
    • Waterproof housing
    • Suction Cup Mount
    • ¼" Mount
    • ¼" mini Noga arm and mini Mafer clamp

    GoPro has managed to cram a rugged camera and solid state recorder into a very small space, and this one can even record 4K video!  The cameras are capable of operation over WiFi, meaning footage can be streamed to the web, or the cameras can be monitored and controlled on your iPhone/iPad.  Sports fanatics love that most can now do full HD at high frame rates for slow motion.  For most resolutions, you can select your frame rate and angle of view all the way out to 170º.  The lens has a fixed focus for anything from 2 feet to infinity.  These cameras come with a clear waterproof housing that protect it down to 60 meters below the surface, and they have flat glass for less distortion under water.  The camera comes with a mount of your choosing, and additional mounts are an à la carte option.  We do a two day week on our GoPros.