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    GoPro Hero8 Black

    • 75 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • GoPro Hero8 Black
    • 128GB microSD cards & reader
    • Three batteries and dual simultaneous charger
    • High output dual USB power supply
    • Suction cup mount with swivel
    • Mini Mafer clamp with small adjustable arm
    • Waterproof carrying case

    GoPro has been making continuous improvements to their line of action cams, and their latest high end unit has all the bells and whistles.  The highlight of this newest unit is stabilized 4K footage.  It’s really quite impressive.  It’s HyperSmooth 2 technology uses in-camera artificial intelligence to smooth out the action to the point that it almost looks like it was riding on a gimbal.  It also can do automatic horizon levelling, and it’s Boost mode smooths out footsteps from running and jogging.  The nice thing is that the stabilization works at all resolutions and frame rates.  Its Timewarp mode lets you do time lapse shooting and to adjust the frame rate in the middle of the shot.  Some other nice features?  A built-in 2″ touch screen, GPS tagging, improved audio, WiFi and voice control, and live streaming.  It can shoot 4K at 60 frames per second, and HD at an impressive 240FPS.  Although generally only used for video, they’ve upped their still game too, with 12MP high dynamic range photos.  Unlike previous GoPros, there’s no need for a separate underwater housing for this baby, as the camera itself is sealed down to 33 feet.  Rather than the two “forks” sticking out of the body like on a traditional GoPro, on the 8 they fold into the body until you need them.

    Having the camera is only half the battle though, as you need to outfit it to make it sing.  Every MidCan GoPro comes in a waterproof case with a nice selection of accessories.  Included in the day rate are: 3 batteries and a charger that can charge 2 batteries simultaneously, a 128GB microSD card and a card reader, a GoPro suction cup mount with swivel, a mini mafer clamp and a small adjustable arm to go between it and the camera, and a high output dual USB charger.  That’s a lot of extra gear for 75 dollars!  We do a two day week on our GoPros and a six day month: why would you buy?