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    Losmandy PortaJib

    • 175 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Losmandy PortaJib
    • Custom heavy duty tripod and hard tube
    • Barbell weights with wheeled cart
    • Monitor mounting arm
    • Rolling fiberglass hard case

    Constructed out of steel and machined aluminum, in its standard configuration, our Portajib can boom a total of 72” and hold up to 100 pounds of camera and fluid head.  Our kit includes the 36” extension, which increases the total possible boom distance to 131”, but lowers the load capacity to 45 pounds.  The end bowl is 100mm, and it can be adapted for underslung use.  A sliding rear weight makes fine tuning the balance point a cinch.  We also have the vector balancing bar which re-adjusts the center of gravity to allow smoother endings to moves.  Also included is an arm for mounting LCD monitors near the fulcrum.  PortaJib’s lightweight tripod is perfectly matched to the jib (and required), and comes with its own carrying tube.

    Optional 100mm tripod and head available for an additional $50/day