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    Sony A7s

    • 125 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony A7s
    • Metabones IV E-Mount to EF adaptor
    • Movcam cage w/removable handle, hotshoes and HDMI lock
    • 5 batteries with charger
    • Two 64GB SD memory cards w/USB3 card reader

    The first generation of Sony’s lowlight cameras.  It can record full HD at up to 60fps, and it will do 720P at 120fps.  Although it “only” records HD onboard, it can send a 4K signal out its MicroHDMI port if you have an external recorder such as our Atomos Shogun.  It’s slightly smaller than its newer sibling above, but operationally is laid out much the same .  Like above, it comes with a full cage and handle, with the Metabones IV adapter to allow use of our Canon EF glass.  We package ours with two 64GB memory cards, and 5 batteries with charger.  Talk to us about our D-tap adaptor which lets you power the camera off a large V-Mount battery, and our professional audio adapter.  We also have a wireless TTL flash if you want to use it as a stills camera.