All equipment is quoted “per day”.  Discounts apply for longer term rentals.  You pay 8 days for a month, 4 days for a 7 day week, and 3 days for a 5 day rental.  “Half days” are considered 4 hours from the time the equipment leaves MidCan until it returns, and are billed at 2/3rds the rate of a full day.  Blank tape stock, mileage, parking, consumables, couriers and shipping are extra.  All prices are in Canadian dollars, and subject to applicable taxes.

Proof of production insurance and/or a deposit must be placed on all rental equipment.  A $500 hold is required on prosumer equipment and a $2000 hold is required on professional equipment.  Deposits are to be placed on a valid credit card.  Once equipment is returned it will be checked for damage and the deposit, minus any damage, will be refunded within 72 hours.  Cash deposits will not be accepted.

Equipment rented will be available for pick-up between 1700 & 1900 the previous day if possible.  Equipment rented must be returned during morning drop-off hours the day following the rental otherwise you will be billed for another day.  Morning drop-off hours are between 0800 & 0900 on Weekdays.  We are closed on Weekends.

Weekend rentals are billed at a 1 day charge, and must be picked up between 1700 and 1900 on Friday.  Equipment must be returned between 0800 & 0900 Monday morning.

We do not accept returns on blank tape stock.

Wireless microphones do not include batteries.

When using cameras or audio recorders that record to memory cards, for an additional charge, arrangements can be made with our sister company FRANK digital to offload your footage.  Otherwise, the Renter is responsible for ensuring the proper off-loading, backing up and archiving of the media recorded to the cards.  This process must happen within the rental period, before the camera or audio recorder are returned.  Unless other arrangements are made at the time of rental, the cards will be erased and re-formatted upon the return of the device.

Please read the rental agreement on the back of your equipment list before signing.