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    40″ Century Stand with Grip Arm

    • 12 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • 40″ Century Stand with Grip Arm

    Ah, the venerable C-stand, a fixture on sets all over the world.  These stands are designed mainly for holding light modifiers such as flags.  They have a low base (designed for sand bags) and a steel ⅝” pin at the top.  A puck fits over the pin and holds the grip arm, which has another clamping puck at the end.  These pucks have different sizes of tubular slots for holding pins or flags.  It’s hard to describe how a C-stand works, but suffice it to say, with the arm and two rotating pucks, you can use them to quickly position items at almost any height or angle you want.  Some of ours are painted black for low reflectance, and some are chromed.  Some with turtle (removable) bases, some permanent.  All of ours are 3 stages.