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    AJA U-Tap

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • AJA U-Tap
    • USB3 cable
    • Short BNC cable

    This tiny box takes a high definition HD-SDI signal and gets it into a computer over a USB3 connection.  That’s it.

    Well, that’s not it but that’s what it does, and that opens up a whole world of options for you.  It’s similar to Blackmagic’s Ultrastudio Mini Recorder, except that little box uses a Thunderbolt connection to get into the computer.  For the longest time, Thunderbolt was the only external connection in the computer world that had the bandwidth necessary to handle the data load of an uncompressed HD signal.  That was great if you had a Macbook, but Thunderbolt was not widely adopted in the Windows world.  With the advent of USB3 though, there was another high speed connection alternative now common across both platforms.

    Enough history, why does this matter?  The main reason is streaming.  This box gets your HD camera or your HD switcher into your laptop as a video source (similar to a webcam), which can then be streamed over the internet using whatever streaming program you want (most people use the free OBS program).  The audio imbedded in the HD-SDI signal comes along so there is no chance of the audio and video being out of sync.  Voila, your conference is on Youtube!  Hey, your concert is on Facebook Live!  We like HD-SDI as the video input since a BNC cable can put your camera up to 300′ away from your laptop, whereas HDMI only reliably gives you about 25′.  We’ll rent you a HDMI to HD-SDI converter for a small additional fee if you need one.  The U-Tap passes through the original HD-SDI signal for further use down the chain.