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    Aputure 300Dii LED Fresnel

    • 150 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Aputure 300Dii LED Fresnel
    • Reflective dish
    • Fresnel lens w/barndoors
    • Mini Dome softbox
    • Power supply/ballast with twist-lock AC cord
    • 5pin head cable
    • Lightweight stand

    Battery.  Powered.  Fresnel.  Three words that we’ve been waiting to use for a while.  This is the second generation of Aputure’s point source LED.  It has output similar to a 400 watt HMI, but it can be powered by clipping one or two Vmount batteries to its power supply.  One battery runs it at half power, two batteries give you full output.  Smart design and low heat means flexible options when it comes to shaping its (daylight only) beam.  By itself it has a 110°  spread, but you can easily clip the included “mini dome” softbox to it for a large diffused source.  Or, clip on its reflective dish, which testing has shown to be three times brighter than the first generation.  Where we really like it though, is when you use its fresnel attachment with barn doors.  This gives you a focusable, high output, consistent beam that can be cut.  A better tilt lock system on the yoke means even heavy accessories like the soft box stay where you set them.  The instant “on/off” of an LED source means there are a number of effect modes included such as paparazzi, lightning, etc.  Soon the light will allow control using an iPhone app.  It also comes with a quick-release clamp that can be attached to the light stand, providing some stability.  In addition to the fresnel and light dome that are packaged with it, for a small additional cost you can also rent a projector lens to throw patterns on a wall or a lantern dome for omnidirectional light.