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    Aputure 600d Pro LED Light

    • 225 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Aputure 600d Pro LED Light
    • Ballast / Control Unit / Battery Charger
    • Quick-release stand clamp
    • Head Cable
    • Scoop Reflector / Intensifier
    • 2' x 3' Soft Box w/internal baffle and 40º egg crate
    • Soft box speed ring
    • 3 stage steel 2K stand

    Compatible Add-Ons:

    Up until now, if you wanted a fixture that could be softened while still having enough kick to realistically battle windows within the power limitations of a household circuit, you were generally talking either an 800 or 1200 watt HMI light bounced or shone through diffusion.  But with this latest LED light, that paradigm is changing.  In our tests, this 600d is moderately brighter “apples to apples” than the industry standard Joker 800.  This is a game changer.  This means you have all the advantages of an HMI and LEDs in one light.  What advantages?  Instant on.  Dimming.  Programmable effects such as “lightning” flashes.  Wireless control from a phone or the included remote.  Low power draw with the ability to be run off batteries.  Lower heat output.  No flicker at high frame rates.  Plus, the 600D has been designed to withstand minor inclement weather so if it starts to lightly drizzle or a few flakes are drifting down, you don’t need to panic.

    The light comes with a “scoop” reflector to intensify the output.  Like all the Aputure lineup, this reflector can be easily attached/detached using the light’s Bowens mount.  The included 2′ x 3′ softbox also mounts via the included Bowens style speedring, and the softbox has an internal baffle to further soften the light plus a 40º egg crate to limit spread.  Other accessories such as the pending 10″ fresnel lens will be added to the kit as they become available.  We are packaging the light with two 260wH twenty-six volt batteries.  One great aspect of the light is that if you have the output below 70% or have the light turned off but still plugged in, the ballast will charge the two batteries simultaneously.  This can make moving between situations where you have power and then don’t pretty seamless.  You just leave the batteries attached to the ballast (which is generally clamped to the included steel stand) and then unplug it and move to your non-powered scenario ready to go.  When you come back into power and you meet the above parameters, it automatically starts topping up the batteries again.  Keep in mind though that the light will only have 50% of its AC output on batteries.  Finally, if you’re integrating the light into a larger setup, it is addressable over Lumen Radio or hardwire through 5pin DMX.