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    ARRI Follow Focus 5

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • ARRI Follow Focus 5
    • Hard carrying case with velcro dividers
    • Two focus knobs, one knob extension, one crank multiple distance marking discs
    • 36 tooth 0.8 gear, 64 tooth 0.8 gear, 78 tooth 0.5 gear
    • 12" whip and knob, 33" whip and hand unit
    • 100mm studio spacing rod adapter

    Our kit includes right and left focus knobs with marking plates, a crank, and a knob extension to get you out past the matte box. It also includes a 12” whip & puck, and a 33” whip with hand unit. The follow focus body and 15mm rod adaptor have been designed to clip onto rods at any point, so you don’t have to remove other rod mounted items first.  The main unit is designed to mount onto 15mm rods with hand held (60mm) spacing, but we include an adaptor to use it with 15mm studio rods (100mm spacing) as well.  Gears are swappable to either side of the arm.