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    Astera Titan RGB Tube Kit

    • 250 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Astera Titan RGB Tube Kit
    • 8-way power supply with AC cord
    • Wireless transmitter with USB power supply and 5pin DMX cable
    • 10" Android tablet and USB charger
    • Tube clamps, threaded studs & eye hoops (16 each)
    • 8 folding floor stands
    • 8 wall wart power supplies with 6' cords
    • Matthews MyWayGrip™ 4 bulb mounting plate w/Stud

    Say hello to the latest “big thing” in lighting: LED tubes that can be any colour of the rainbow.  They can be used like a normal fixture and illuminate a subject with either daylight or tungsten light, or what they’re more commonly used for is as an accent light visible in a scene.  The tubes are four feet long and are designed to be run off their built-in battery.  Our kit comes with a wireless transmitter that addresses the lights using an app on the included Android tablet.  Batteries?  Transmitter?  You know what that means!  Rig them anywhere in your scene and control all 8 that come in the kit either together or independently.  The LEDs in each tube come in sections, and those can be controlled sequentially to make the colour “travel” down the length of the tube, just like icicle lights at Christmas!  Use that cascading effect with a car rig in a studio to give the impression that you’re passing street lights…or…pulse all the lights together to the backing track in your music video…or…put the team colours in the background of your sports interview…or…hang them as a psychedelic chandelier at your next event.  The possibilities are endless!  The kit comes with a power supply to charge all eight tubes at once in the case, but if you can hide the wires we also include eight independent plug-in power supplies to run them continuously.  If you’re using them as accent lights, you really don’t want them very bright as they will overexpose and the colour will washout on camera.  But this means you can set them low and saturated, and the battery will last for hours.  In fact, the app will assess the strength of the batteries and tell you the maximum run time allowed before they turn off.  Conversely, you can tell the lights how long you need them to stay on and they will set an output level to match that time limit.

    If you need to go big, the transmitter has a 5pin cord to control the lights through your DMX lighting board.  But the nice part is the battery makes each tube a complete unit unto itself, with a built-in screen and buttons to set it up independently so you can live out your Jedi Knight fantasies (Note: MidCan does not condone the use of these tubes for light sabre fights, you will be charged for embracing the dark side).  The ends of the tubes have threads that eye hooks (included) screw into to hang from a rope.  The kit also includes thin mounting clamps that encircle the tube and included studs that thread into them, as well as eight folding flat stands to erect them as pillars a couple of inches off the floor.  One recent addition is a Matthews MyWayGrip™ plate that clamps 4 tubes together to create a large light source.  The complete kit is already a steal at $250/day, but if available we will rent you just four with independent power supplies (but no transmitter or tablet) for $150/day.