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    Atomos Shogun Flame

    • 100 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Atomos Shogun Flame
    • 960GB solid state hard drive & spare caddies
    • USB3 hard drive sled
    • Power supply
    • Multipin to XLR audio input/output cables
    • Magnetically assembled sunshade
    • Mission specific cables as required

    Where to start?  First and foremost, it is a high quality colour calibrated monitor with 10bit processing and full HD resolution: 1920×1200.  It has 1500 nits of brightness so standard images can be seen better in sunlight, but that same brightness enables up to 10 stops of Dynamic Range in HDR mode.  It accepts and passes through either SDI or HDMI 4K signals (as well as HD of course), and the monitor will convert between the two, so you can input SDI and output HDMI.  It has pretty much every monitor option you could ask for, and they’re all accessed through it’s 7” touch screen: false colour, peaking, scopes, zebra striping, etc.

    But in addition to being a great monitor, it is also a solid state recorder.  It accepts anything from high definition all the way up to 4K, and records it in a variety of Apple Pro Res or Avid DNx codecs to the included 960GB solid state hard drive. For modern cameras that produce “flat” LOG video, the Shogun can apply 3D LUTs to their signals for more realistic monitoring.  It can also accept the RAW output from certain cameras and convert it to video, with or without LUTS applied, enabling some awesome workflows with cameras such as our Sony FS7.  It is always pre-recording a loop to memory so you never miss anything, and its multipin breakout cable lets you take XLR audio in separately from the video.  There is room for two Sony 970 batteries on the back (separate), and the monitor will automatically switch to the next battery when one runs out.

    We send it out with various mounting options, and whatever signal cables you might need.  It also includes a folding sun shade that attaches magnetically (so don’t hold the monitor by the shade, or your damage deposit will likely come into play).