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    Bartech BFD Wireless Follow Focus

    • 60 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Bartech BFD Wireless Follow Focus
    • Hard carrying case
    • Transmitter/Focus unit with antenna & spare, multiple erasable distance strips
    • Receiver unit with antenna & spare, bolt on rod mounting bracket
    • Fused power box: 4pin XLR 12v input, multiple Hirose and LEMO outputs
    • Dtap to 4pin XLR power cable + Dtap multiplier
    • Heden motor with 19mm rod mount, shimmed to 15mm. 0.8 gear.
    • Mission specific power and signal cables

    Our full FIZ Teradek has 3 channels, but often people only need remote focus, so we’ve lowered the price of this pro kit to give those folks a break.  Our kit comes with focus motor, cables, Transmitter and Receiver. It uses 8 selectable frequencies in the 900MHz range. Easily calibrated, the system uses 10 bit resolution for 1024 unique steps. The transmitter is powered by a single 9 Volt battery.  The receiver can be rod mounted, or attached to the side of the camera, and includes a power box with multiple output options.