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    Behringer Europort EPA300 Speaker / PA System

    • 65 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Behringer Europort EPA300 Speaker / PA System
    • AC cord
    • Two 50' speaker cables
    • ⅛" to stereo RCA iPod cable
    • Speaker stands

    This is a 300 watt public address loudspeaker system that is perfect for medium gatherings.  Each speaker has an 8” woofer, and mounting holes in the bottom for optional stands.  The unit’s small onboard mixer can accept two microphones (and supply them with phantom power), and has 2 more stereo inputs for a total of six channels.  Each speaker can be placed 50’ away from the base unit, and we supply a cord to let you plug in an iPod.  The two speakers and mixer “clamshell” together into one integrated unit for ease of carrying.  You can use it by itself with its built-in mixer, or simply as amplified speakers by feeding it from an outside mixer.  All together, the unit weighs about 50 pounds.