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    Betso TCX-2+ Wireless Timecode Transceiver

    • 30 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Betso TCX-2+ Wireless Timecode Transceiver
    • Mounting hardware
    • Camera specific timecode cable

    A new take on the traditional “Clockit” box.  First off, it can be used as a regular standalone timecode generator unit: jam it with TC and then its highly accurate crystal outputs that Timecode with an accuracy of 0.2 parts per million.  But these units also sync Timecode wirelessly.  Any one of them can be designated as either a transmitter or a receiver.  So, your audio operator can feed a transmitter Timecode, and then the receivers attached to each camera will wirelessly receive that signal so that they’re all locked in sync together.  No re-jamming after lunch break, stringing out cables, etc.

    One reason we like these units is that they are incredibly easy to use.  Just the act of plugging a Timecode signal into the transmitter will cause it to automatically turn on, jam to that signal, and start broadcasting it to the receivers.  I repeat: it turns on automatically!  They have a wireless range of about 500 metres.  If a camera drifts out of range, the receiver’s highly accurate internal generator will maintain timecode.  Once the camera comes back into range, the receiver will automatically re-establish reception and adjust for any drift that may have taken place.

    Another reason we love these units is their size: the main body measures about 1 x 2 inches, and that’s including its built in OLED screen.  Stick them anywhere!  Being able to compare the TC on the screen to the your camera’s TC is incredibly helpful.  The screen also makes setting the units up a breeze.  And, you can use the screen to monitor the battery status of any other unit on the network.  Not that you ‘ll likely need to: these little boxes run for up to 50 hours on one AA battery.  Insane!