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    Betso WTCS-1 Wireless Timecode Slate

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Betso WTCS-1 Wireless Timecode Slate
    • Mission specific cables
    • Protective face cover

    Our newest slate is super advanced but incredibly easy to use.  The dot matrix display is low glare and can be adjusted for brightness either manually or with an automatic sensor, so it’s easily viewable in direct sunlight or on a dark set.  The front face has 3 levels of backlighting, and two LEDs that flash when you clap the wooden arms.  If you want to use it as a “regular” smart slate, just feed it timecode and its temperature compensated, highly accurate crystal will not display any noticeable drift over the course of a day.  Its six AA batteries will last up to 100 hours, and a three hour internal backup keeps accurate timecode for battery changes.  Where it really comes into its own though is when you use it as part of a wireless system.  It has a spread spectrum radio transceiver built into it that can send and/or receive timecode and metadata up to 500 metres.  If it’s out of range, it maintains accurate code until it gets back within range.  Working with our TCX-2+ wireless sync boxes, operation is a joy rather than a chore.

    Ready?  Feed a TC signal to the sync box.  It automatically turns on, jams and starts broadcasting timecode.  Turn on the WTCS-1 slate.  That’s it, you’re DONE!!!

    The slate looks for the TC signal, jams itself to that signal and displays accurate timecode.  Could not be easier.  In addition to the wireless TC radio, it also has a separate radio built-in for Wifi, allowing it to integrate with the popular MovieSlate 8 application that runs on iOS devices.  Using MS 8, you can show up to 60 different pieces of information on the dot matrix such as Roll, Scene, Take, Producer, Director, FPS, ISO Speed and much more.  You can also program how long to display each piece of data, and when to show the information – Sticks Open/Clap or Shot End.  Another nice feature of its dot matrix display is that when you physically turn the slate upside down to do a tail slate after a take, the timecode is right side up.  Editors will love you!