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    BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Switcher

    • 175 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Switcher
    • -Power Supply
    • -22" LCD monitor for Multiview output w/Remote
    • -Two 160' (50 meter) Fiber Optic HDMI Cables
    • -Short ethernet cable
    • -One USB-A and USB-C cable

    The latest iteration of BlackMagic’s ATEM line, this is an eight input HDMI based switcher that can independently record each of the eight inputs plus the switched Program Out signal.  Recording happens via an external hard drive (optional) hooked up to a USB-C connection.  There is a second USB-C connection that allows the switched output to be sent to a computer, which views it as a webcam, making it easy for the switcher to appear as a source for any number of video streaming applications such as Zoom, Skype, OBS, etc.  If you don’t want to use a computer to send the video from the switcher to the internet, the switcher itself has high quality streaming hardware built into it so you can use its ethernet port to publish to popular services such as Youtube or Facebook Live directly, and you can monitor the bitrate and other parameters on the multiviewer screen.  If you plug a phone with a high speed data connection into one of the USB-C ports, the switcher can use that connection to stream over cellular data to the internet!

    This switcher has the horsepower to do real “pro” switching, with the usual cuts and dissolves but also 4 channels of digital video effects such as picture-in-picture and flying sources onto or off the screen.  It also has a couple of media players that can do short animated transitions or playback graphics or pre-built name keys.  Need to do a slideshow?  Simply create a Powerpoint presentation and plug the output of your laptop into one of the inputs.  Speaking of the inputs, they are all “frame synced and format converted” which is broadcast terminology essentially meaning they need no professional timing signals, and the switcher will automatically adapt any input’s resolution and frame rate so they all seamlessly work together.  Like all ATEM switchers fine control over audio mixing, keying, DVE moves and other variables can be exercised by using BlackMagic’s free control software, but a number of parameters can be directly controlled using buttons on the switching surface.  Audio sources can come into the switcher piggybacked with the video over HDMI, or the unit has two 3.5mm stereo inputs for external audio.  One welcome addition on the Extreme ISO is a 3.5mm headphone jack for high quality audio monitoring.

    The ISO in the name means that each of the inputs (as well as the switched Program Output) can be “isolated” and recorded to the previously mentioned external hard drive, so if you didn’t like how the show was cut live, you can edit a better version (or a version in a resolution greater than HD) after the fact.  When making ISO recordings the switcher will also keep a log file of how and when you cut between the sources in the live show.  BlackMagic Design also makes the industry standard software called Davinci Resolve.  If you decide to use it to edit the ISO recordings, you can simply import that log file along with the recorded streams, and Resolve will replicate the live cut to give you a jumping off point for your edit.  Nine streams of ISO data can tax a regular hard drive, so MidCan offers a high speed 4 Terabyte solid state drive that can be optioned for an additional fee.    The switcher is packaged with a 22″ screen to view the multiview out, and two of our 50 meter (160 foot) fiber optic HDMI cables that allow you to seclude the switcher away from the cameras and out of the way of the action.