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    BlackMagic Design ATEM mini Pro

    • 90 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • BlackMagic Design ATEM mini Pro
    • Power supply
    • USB-C to USB-A cable
    • Ethernet Cable

    This update to the popular ATEM mini couldn’t have come at a better time.   Many churches were looking for the least expensive way to stream their services during COVID-19, and this device ticks a lot of boxes.

    Like the original ATEM mini, an operator can switch between four HDMI sources and use the HDMI output to show either Input 1 or the switched Program out. What’s new is that now the HDMI can also output a multiview screen showing your four sources plus Program and Preview windows, finally turning the Pro version into a “real” switcher.  Like the original you can use the USB connection to get the switched output into a computer where it will show up as a webcam, accessible to whatever program (Skype, OBS, etc) wants to use it.  You don’t have to go to a computer now though, as the ATEM mini Pro has a streaming server built into it.  You can plug directly into its ethernet connection and stream directly to most of the popular services.  You can also connect through ethernet in order to control the Pro remotely and access advanced features using BlackMagic’s free software.  This allows you fine control over other features such as Chroma Key, the Fairlight audio mixer, DVE, a still store for graphics and more.  Since you no longer have to use the USB connection for control or to get the output into a computer (although you still can), BlackMagic has added  recording capability to the USB port.  Plug any USB-C external hard drive or thumbdrive into the USB port, and you can record the h.264 video stream.  If you had connection problems during the stream, you can use the recording to upload your show at a later time, or simply keep a backup copy.  One nice feature that a firmware update added to both ATEM minis is the option of being able to control some functions of the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, including exposure and tally lights, over HDMI using the laptop control panel for the ATEMs.   And as always, each input on both ATEM minis has a frame rate and resolution convertor, so you can use HDMI-based cameras of varied capabilities, they don’t all have to match.