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    BlackMagic Design MultiView 4

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • BlackMagic Design MultiView 4
    • HDMI output cable
    • AC Cable

    This is sometimes more known in the industry as a “Quad Split”.  This device lets you take up to four SDI signals over BNC cables (typically cameras) and display all four at the same time in quadrants on a monitor.  Usually this is used on a multicamera live production where the cameras are recording but are not being switched live.  It allows a Director to see what’s being shot and possibly give some feedback to the camera people for the edit.

    Technically, this unit is more advanced than your typical Quad Split, as the SDI signals can be anything up to a 6G signal, so that means it can display Ultra High Definition (otherwise known as 4K) at up to 30 frames per second.  The four SDI signals can either be displayed in four quadrants, or you can use the front panel controls to easily pick one of the four and enlarge it to full screen.  Since a large consumer display is usually used with these devices, and you really can’t buy a consumer flatscreen that isn’t 4K these days, that means you can monitor individual 4K pro cameras cameras in full UHD on a consumer big screen TV.  Since UHD is four times the resolution of HD, where this unit differs from other Quad Splits is it allows four HD-SDI signals to be monitored in full 1920×1080 resolution in each of the four quadrants, helpful for tracking accurate focus and making decisions on the quality of what’s being shot.  Onscreen level meters mean that the audio imbedded in each camera’s SDI signal can be graphically  displayed as meters, and you can pick which audio signal to listen to on the display’s built-in speakers.

    Most Quad Splits output the 2 x 2 matrix using HDMI in order to use that inexpensive consumer flatscreen we mentioned, but this one also has a 6G SDI output for use with pro monitors.  Another pro feature is that the power supply is built right in, so no trying to fit a “wall wart” plug into your power bar.  Like most BlackMagic devices, the unit can be controlled remotely over ethernet, and using that computer control, you can apply custom labels to the four sources.  Finally, there is a pass through for each of the inputs so this unit doesn’t have to be the final link in the chain.  All that 4K processing makes a little heat though, so be aware that the unit has a fan that might be heard on set if you are monitoring in the same room.