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    Canon Vixia R800 HD Videocamera

    • 35 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Canon Vixia R800 HD Videocamera
    • Power supply
    • 128GB SDXC memory card and USB reader
    • Two BP-727 batteries
    • Mini-HDMI to full size HDMI cable
    • USB data cable

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    We’re all about the pros, but we rent to all classes of videographers and the reality is that many folks off the street just don’t need the capabilities (or the price) of even our low end cameras.  For the Grad Dads and Marrying Moms we present the Canon R800.  It’s the size of a can of pop and weighs about the same.  It has a 32X optical zoom lens (57X if you want to keep zooming electronically) and has 5-axis image stabilization to try and keep your loved one in the frame at 1232mm!  You open the 3″ touchscreen to turn it on, and close it to turn it off.  There is some manual control accessible from the touchscreen menu system, but really it’s designed to be left in automatic. We equip it with a 128GB SDXC card and reader for close to 12 hours of recording at a good quality setting.  Audio-wise there is an 3.5mm external input and a headphone jack, but again, it’s designed to just capture ambient audio through the two front facing mics just under its lens.  There’s a sliding switch to open the lens protector, and a record button.  That’s it.