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    DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera System and Operators

    Having a drone is in someways only a small part of achieving great aerial cinematography for your project.  If you don’t have the proper clearances and paperwork to fly legally, you could be facing a $25,000.00 fine.  MidCan has invested the resources to obtain advanced Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), Visual line-of-sight (VLOS) certification from Transport Canada for our in-house operators so that we can offer a comprehensive service to you.  We also have really nice drones!

    DJI is the biggest name in drones and we’ve purchased their top of the line model the Inspire 2, and equipped it with their custom cinema camera – the X7.  This camera has a Super 35mm sized sensor for a film aesthetic and can record 6k images to their RAW codec.  What does that mean?  It’s sensor has the same dimensions used by the majority of film cameras, so the depth of field and “look” is cinematic.  It can record RAW, meaning that its footage is designed to allow maximum latitude in the Post Production process, and it has more than four times the resolution of High Definition if you need to crop or further stabilize the image after you shoot. Our package comes with three prime lenses: 16mm, 24mm and 50mm.  In 2017, DJI bought a controlling stake in renowned camera/lens manufacturer Hasselblad (you know, the company that NASA used for their photos on the surface of the Moon?), so you know that this camera/lens combo is terrific.  The lenses are actually made out of carbon fiber for maximum lightness and thermal stability.  The 16mm is quite wide, making it conceivable to use the drone in interior spaces such as a warehouse.  All of the lenses have attachable polarizers and neutral density filters for changing light conditions.

    The Inspire 2 can take two batteries to lengthen flying times, and we send it out with eight to keep you in the air (we can also steal from our DJI Ronin 2 if we need a few more…).  We equip it with two 480GB solid state drives for long record times.  It’s hard to make quality images if you’re worried about flying into something so we’ve set up our service with two operators: one flies the drone, the other operates the camera.  Consequently, in addition to the standard controller, we’ve invested in DJI’s up-level Cendence controller for more precise operator control.

    MidCan is only offering the Inspire 2 as a service with operators, not as a piece of rental gear.  Call us to discuss your needs, and our people will come up with a pre-flight plan and all the paperwork necessary to make your project a success!