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    DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal and Ready Rig

    • 300 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal and Ready Rig

    We’ve had (and have) a number of gimbals over the years, but all of them seem to top out on weight when you start building up your camera.  To do a gimbal properly, you need to be able to hold a high quality camera and lens, and you need to be able to, at a minimum, remotely control the focus of that camera (zoom and iris would also be nice).  The gimbal operator needs to see what the camera is seeing, and since you’re controlling the camera remotely, there needs to be some form of wireless video transmitter attached.  So, a geared cine lens, a FIZ unit, an operator screen and a video transmitter mean two things: added weight and a large power draw.  In our opinion, the Ronin 2 is the first gimbal that checks those boxes while holding a “real” camera.  And fitting a large camera onto the unit and balancing it is just the starting point: you need gimbal motors that have the power to react to that weight and keep things steady and smooth.  Need to strap a fully kitted cinema camera with PL zoom lens to it?  With this gimbal, you can.  On the power front, the R2 has hidden wires so you’re not snagging on things, multiple outputs, and two hot-swappable batteries for powering the camera and all your accessories.

    The second part of the equation then becomes how long your operator can carry that much weight around without exhaustion.  The Ready Rig solves that problem.  It transfers the weight of the loaded gimbal to your operator’s legs and hips, while remaining compact enough to walk through doorways and get around.  The extendable arms mean physically lengthy loads aren’t bumping into your operator’s body, and they let you easily vary the height of the lens to match conditions.  If you happen to have your own support mechanism and don’t need the Ready Rig, we will rent the Ronin 2 for $250/day.  You must have production insurance to rent this unit.

    Need stabilization?  Come discuss the finer details with us, and ask us about deals on our Teradek RT focus/iris/zoom unit and Bolt wireless transmitter.