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    DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Combo Gimbal

    • 125 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Combo Gimbal

    We have the Ronin S, and now its big brother the RS2.  What’s the difference?  Quite a bit, especially with this Pro Combo.  Lets start with packaging.  Its carbon fiber construction enables it to be about a pound lighter and a little shorter than “the S”, but it can take wider cameras (such as the BlackMagic Cinema Cameras) and its motors are 20% more powerful.  It now has physical locks on each axis of the gimbal, making the initial balancing and setup a bit easier than on “the S”.  We’ve purchased DJI’s weight package which clamps on to the side motor and counterbalances slightly heavier cameras in the side-to-side axis.   The RS2 comes with a plate that fits both the Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss standards, and new geared adjustment knobs mean sliding the plate for balancing is now easy.  One huge new advantage is that in addition to controlling the gimbal from your phone, you can see your camera’s image wirelessly on your phone from up to 330′ away using DJI’s included RavenEye transmission system.  One neat feature this enables is something DJI calls Force Mobile.  It translates the data from the gyroscopes in your phone to the gimbal, so the gimbal follows the movements of your phone.  Tilt your phone, the RS2 tilts; pan your phone, the RS2 pans.  It gives new meaning to the term point-and-shoot!  But, if you don’t want the added complexity of hooking up your phone to the gimbal, the RS2 has a built-in touchscreen for easy and precise control right on the unit itself.  It has different modes of usage including hyperlapse, timelapse, repeatable moves and others, but if you’re someone that shoots Instagram videos you’ll really appreciate the fact that it will take a camera that was setup in Landscape mode and automatically rotate it 90º to Portrait mode and stabilize it in this new orientation for 9×16 shooting.  Like the Ronin S, it has two RSA ports on the handle for adding accessories.  One option that’s built into the RS2’s handle is a finger wheel which can control the internal focus motors on compatible camera lenses, but also manual lenses using the external focus motor that comes with this Pro Combo.  We recently also added a hard mounting base from Tilta to the unit.  It replaces the battery handle and allows the gimbal to be screwed down to a tripod plate or car mount with a lower center of gravity, as well as allowing it to be powered via Dtap from a large battery.  As the photo above shows, it comes with all the accessories needed to make your shoot happen including a table tripod/handle so you can set it down, an extension arm for low level shooting and a clamp to use your phone in the gimbal instead of a camera.