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    Easyrig Vario 5

    • 120 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Easyrig Vario 5
    • Carry bag
    • Safety strap with carabiner

    If you’ve never used an Easyrig then it’s a little hard to describe how it works.  The camera operator wears a vest with a metal tube that comes up and over the operator’s head and shoulders.  Within the tube is a rope.  One end of the rope is connected to essentially a spring on the vest, and the other end comes out the end of the tube and attaches to your camera rig with a clamping mechanism.  The upshot is that this rig takes most of the weight of a camera and transfers that weight to the operator’s hips and legs, bypassing their back and shoulder.  This allows the cameraperson to operate for a longer period of time without fatigue, and in the long term it saves a lot of stress on their back, extending their career.  If you’re going to be doing handheld for say a two hour show, or everyday on a Doc or Film, it can be a life saver.  It still allows a full range of movement with the camera, either on your shoulder or pulling it down under the crook of your arm to shoot “from the hip”.  Some people even let it hang from the rope and just stabilize it with their hands, which can make for smoother walking shots.

    The “Vario” stands for for variable weight balance.  You can set the lifting tension of the rope to take all of the weight completely, but most operators like a little mass left over just to smooth out movements.  You can dial in anywhere from 11 to 38 pounds of counterbalance.  The 5 stands for 5 inches of tube extension.  You can leave the anchor point of the rope over your shoulder, or you can slide it 5 inches forward to exit near the end of the tube.  Why?  This makes it much better situated for holding gimbals in front of your body.