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    Elunevision Air-Lift Floor Standing Projection Screen

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Elunevision Air-Lift Floor Standing Projection Screen

    Remember back in high school science class when they would have that 6’ square screen that always flopped around on that “light-stand-looking” contraption?  Those days are gone.  This what a modern portable projection screen looks like.  It comes in a tube that you lay on the floor.  Two feet swivel out perpendicular to the tube for stability.  You then open the tube like a lunch box, and unroll the screen like a venetian blind in reverse.  There are gas shock assisted  arms in the back of the screen that make it easy to unfurl, and they hold it in place once the screen is up.  Ours is a 16×9 aspect ratio, and is just under 6 feet wide.  Once unrolled, the top of the screen is close to 7 feet in the air from the floor.  Be aware, for transport, the tube is just under seven feet long.