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    GoPro HERO9 Black

    • 75 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • GoPro HERO9 Black
    • Waterproof Housing
    • 3 Batteries
    • Dual simultaneous charger & USB power supply
    • 128GB MicroSD card & card reader
    • Mini Mafer clamp, short Noga arm, 1/4" attachement
    • Suction cup mount with swivel
    • Flat base w/Mounting clip
    • Flat & Curved sticky mounts

    With every generation of GoPro, one has to ask what makes this version better?  The obvious feature is that the Hero9 has a colour front display.  It can show operational info, but it’s a real screen that’s perfect for selfie videos and blogging.  GoPro recently enabled their Hero8 and Hero9 models to act as high quality webcams, so that front facing screen can come in handy.  The rear touchscreen is a little larger than the one on the Hero8 as well.  The body is a bit thicker to fit a higher capacity 1720Ah battery, which is just over a third more capacity than in the Hero8.  The other main physical difference is that the lens cover is removable so you can add specialty mods such as a super wide angle (not included).  The camera body itself is waterproof down to 33 feet, but if you need to go deeper or anticipate the camera experiencing rough handling, we include the protective housing in our kit which increases the immersion depth to 196 feet.  The housing still alows you to see both screens.  The camera can now shoot 5K video at 30fps, and up to 240fps in Full HD.  Both the Hero8 and this Hero9 employ advanced processing to enable “gimbal-like” electronic image stabilization.  Hypersmooth 3.0 magically takes the vibration and bobbing out of a video and makes it silky smooth.  Its Timewarp 3.0 feature stabilizes timelapses where you are physically moving the camera between frames. The Hero9 also adds a 30-second pre-record buffer called Hindsight to avoid missing moments, a Scheduled Capture feature which starts recording based on an “alarm clock” time that you set, and Duration Capture to say how long you want it to record when you aren’t around to supervise.  In addition to the previously mentioned webcam capability, it’s also able to livestream video over wifi to Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live.  We know you’re using it for video, but if you need to it can take 20 megapixel photos in RAW.  Is there anything it doesn’t do?  I guess we’ll find out when the 10 is released.

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