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    Ikan Live Air Wireless Follow Focus

    • 40 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Ikan Live Air Wireless Follow Focus
    • Receiver/motor battery with spare and USB charger
    • Hotshoe rod clamp with 15mm rod
    • Dual USB Charger

    This little unit is primarily designed to be used on DSLR or mirrorless cameras when they are mounted on a gimbal.  It’s much smaller and lighter than the units designed for full sized cinema rigs.  On the larger rigs, they generally have a receiver that gets mounted somewhere on the body of the camera, and the camera battery provides power to the receiver (one cord).  Then the lens motor mounts and gets its signal and power from the receiver (a second cord running the length of the camera).  The difference with the Live Air is that the receiver and the motor are combined into one unit, and that tiny unit has its own onboard replaceable battery (since most small cameras barely have enough battery power to run themselves!).

    The focus wheel/transmitter has a small onboard rechargeable battery of its own, and the actual focus wheel is much smaller than cinema units.  This means it can be mounted to a gimbal grip and turned by thumb.  This lets the gimbal operator ride focus as a one man band, as many budget gimbal shoots often are.  The combo self calibrates to your lens using standard 0.8 gearing, and the units communicate over bluetooth, meaning a range of about 25′.  So your 1st AC is not going to sit in video village 300′ away and pull focus off a monitor, but that’s not what this unit was designed for.  This was designed for guerrilla film makers that don’t have a 1st AC and are doing it all themselves.