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    KinoFlo DIVA Fluorescent Light

    • 75 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • KinoFlo DIVA Fluorescent Light
    • Four alternate colour temp bulbs & a spare - 10 total
    • Attached cord & 25' AC extension cord
    • "Diaper" diffuser & velcro attached grid
    • 20" turtle base C-stand & gooseneck
    • Hard carry case

    A Midcan favourite.  These are soft lights made up of 4 two foot long fluorescent tubes.  Fluorescents have a number of advantages:  they’re dimmable, have low power draw, give soft light, emit little heat, and can be bulbed for daylight or studio colour balance.  All of ours come with an easily attachable “diaper ” to diffuse them even further, and a grid to limit spill.  After some experimentation, we’ve settle on a 20″ C-Stand with a removable turtle base as the light stand that comes with our DIVAs.  They fit in the kit, are study enough for what is a pretty top heavy light, and they work with the gooseneck offset arm we include in each kit.  The gooseneck gets the light’s centre of gravity back over the stand, and the fixture has a height of about six feet extended, which is just fine 90% of the time.  Everything fits in one case and is just under the 50 pound airplane limit for traveling.  Best price around too!