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    Lectrosonic 411a Wireless Microphone

    • 70 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Lectrosonic 411a Wireless Microphone
    • SMQV or UM400 transmitter with belt clip
    • Detachable antennas
    • Lapel microphone, side clip, hard wire adaptor
    • Mic & Line level cables
    • Hirose camera power cables on request
    • Short XLR pigtail
    • Soft carry case

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    The 411‘s are our workhorse wireless that goes out with most packages.  These are diversity receivers, with the ability to scan their radio spectrum to find a clear channel and then tune to that “hole” to avoid interference.  Most of our units are in either Block 24 or 26.  All come with a lapel microphone, usually the Sanken COS-11.  All of our 411 wireless kits come with an Ambient eumel device which lets you unplug the lapel from the wireless transmitter, and by supplying phantom power to it, convert it to a hard wire microphone.  They can save you if you have dead batteries or run into too much interference.  Some come with Mic & Line level XLR cables so the transmitter can be plugged into a sound board or a hand held microphone.  We have multiple transmitters including the digital SMQV, the UM400, and the water resistant MM400c.  We have AC power supplies for the receivers, and some of our mixer/recorders are able to power them from their battery distribution systems.

    All our wireless microphones are not supplied with batteries.