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    LEDGO Bi-Colour LED Ring Light

    • 35 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • LEDGO Bi-Colour LED Ring Light
    • -AC power supply
    • -5/8" light stand mount
    • -15mm rod block with camera mount
    • -Talk to us about your particular rigging needs

    As the name implies, this is a light in the form of a ring, LEDGO’s model LG-R320C.  The light is 18.3 inches in diameter, has a middle opening of 12 inches, and is designed so that the end of your lens shoots through the center.  On larger cameras, you can use 15mm rods in either handheld or studio configuration to “hang” the light off the end of the lens.  On smaller cameras such as DSLRs, the unit comes with a rod apparatus to mount the entire camera and lens unit within the center of the light.  The light has a standard quarter inch thread on the bottom that then allows the entire light/camera/lens unit to be put on a light stand or mounted to a tripod.  It also has two handles on the rear for easy mobile shooting.  The light can be powered with an AC plug, or it has built-in trays to accept a couple of standard Sony-style NP-F batteries.  There is a USB output to charge your phone, and two dials to control dimming and colour balance, which is indicated by a numeric display showing anywhere from 3200º to 5600º Kelvin.  That’s the practical details, the next question is why would you want such a light? Two main reasons:

    –Close up shooting.  Since the light surrounds the lens, whatever is directly in front of the lens is lit by soft light that is coming from every direction.  That means it’s virtually impossible for the object in front of the lens to have any shadows on it since all shadows are filled in from the light on the opposite side of the ring.  It also means you can get quite close to the subject without you or the camera physically casting a shadow onto the object.  Being that close to the object also brings the inverse square law into play.  If the ring light is virtually on top of the object, and you expose for all of those lumens close at hand, whatever ambient light is behind the object will be very dim, further separating and accenting the object.

    –The look.  It’s just a very unique look.  If you are up close to a face, since the light is coming evenly from everywhere, skin seems to take on a “lit from within” glow.  If your subject is farther back and lit primarily by “regular” lights, the ring will show up in your actor’s eye as a spherical highlight.  This kind of light along with our Astera RGB tubes are staples of many music videos, not necessarily to illuminate the scene, but more as an accent lights for a different look.