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    Litepanels Gemini 1×1 Hard Kit

    • 200 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Litepanels Gemini 1×1 Hard Kit
    • Two 1x1 RGBWW panels with power supply
    • Two 25' power cables
    • Two clip-in diffusion panels
    • Two slot-in dome diffusers
    • Two Dual Vmount battery plates w/3pin cable
    • Two 750 light stands

    Our Litepanel Astra 6x lights have been a workhorse light for news and field production for four main reasons: they were bi-colour, they could run off of a standard camera battery, they were small enough to fit in a reasonably sized kit for travel and they were the first light that had the output necessary to be used on talent outside.  Up until then you could get maybe two or three of those parameters in other lights, but the Astra 6x was the first that really gathered it into one package.  With the release of the Gemini Hard, Litepanels has retained what made the Astras great, while expanding on their capabilities in three areas: output, colour and light shaping.

    Let’s start with output.  If you use the “bare” LEDs of the Gemini Hard, they output a 46º beam that has roughly twice the output of an Astra 6x.  Considering that the Astra is still pretty much near the top of the market for output from a 1×1 panel, that’s incredible.  Variable colour balance isn’t sacrificed in order to get that mega output.  In fact, not only has the colour balance range been expanded, the light is a full RGB light, able to make any colour in the spectrum with control over Hue, Saturation and Level.  While the Astras “only” have the bare LEDs, the Gemini comes with two separate diffuser panels that can shape the light.  The first panel clips inside the edges of the light immediately over the LEDs and adds some diffusion.  If you need the beam to be softer, the light also comes with a “dome” diffuser that simply drops into slots and softens the light to the point where the beam goes from 46º to 170º (with a corresponding drop in output).

    Battery powering is still there, with some changes.  Each light draws about 200 watts.  To get that type of output out of a single battery is possible, but it means an expensive hi amperage battery.  Instead, we are including a dual battery plate, that combines the output from two “normal” batteries (not included), and can be clipped to your light stand to put the weight down low and help to stabilize the light.