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    Litepanels Gemini RGB Softlight

    • 200 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Litepanels Gemini RGB Softlight
    • Bluetooth phone control module
    • Removable 60 degree honeycomb grid
    • Soft case with shoulder strap or Road case
    • 2K stand
    • Power cable plus 25' extension cord

    LED based soft lights have been in our catalogue for a while, and in a lot of respects this one is similar: 2′ x 1′, variable colour temperature, dimmable, no heat on the talent and low power draw.  However this fixture creates its “white” light by blending red/green/blue LEDs.  This blending lets one really fine tune colour temperature, allowing the operator to add or subtract green/magenta if necessary.  Where the RGB capability really shines (sorry) is that it lets the Gemini output any colour you want, not just white light.  You can simply dial in whatever hue and saturation you might want, and then decide how bright you want it.  In fact, if you’re old school and have memorized what gels you used to have to place in front of lights to achieve the same effect, the Gemini has a “gel” mode that has the numbers for those old gels stored as presets.  Or if you come upon a combo you like, you can store it in memory.  Speaking of presets, one unique physical aspect of this light are that its controls and preset buttons are on the underside of the light, so when it’s up on a stand, you don’t have to lower it to make adjustments.  We recently purchased the LYCOS bluetooth module, so you can control up to 12 Geminis with a smartphone app.  The light comes with a slide-in 60 degree honeycomb grid to limit spill, and we can supply an Snapgrid eggcrate upon request.

    Litepanels has also included a number of colour effects in the light.  Need to show the light of a TV reflecting in your talent’s face?  The Gemini will emulate a TV set by varying colours and level and frequency.  Want to pretend a crowd is looking at Fireworks?  The Gemini will blast them with saturated colour and then slowly dim it before blasting them again with another colour, just like it was Canada Day!  It has the red/blue flashing of a police car, the yellow flicker of a candle, quick white flashes of paparazzi on a red carpet and more.