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    Luxli Timpani RGB Two Panel Kit

    • 150 / Day

    Included in rental:

    • Luxli Timpani RGB Two Panel Kit
    • Two RGB panels
    • Two external power supplies
    • Two slot-in light diffusion screens
    • Two lightweight MERF stands

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    These are 1′ x 1′ LED panels, similar to our Litepanel Astras, with the key difference being they use Red/Green/Blue LEDs in addition to “white” LEDs to make their light.  This effectively means their output can be any colour you want it to be as well as the traditional Tungsten/Daylight spectrums.  Additionally, it has a”gel mode” where it can emulate traditional gels, either by name or number.  Like most modern RGB lights, they also have an “effect mode” where they can mimic everyday light sources such as the flashing lights of a police car, the punch and slow decay of fireworks, or perhaps the light from the flames of a a fireplace.  Since not all of their surface is dedicated to “white” light, they are not quite as punchy as the Astras, but they are definitely more flexible.  There are two panels in the kit.

    They come with a 4pin 12V power supply, and have an attached Vmount plate for use with regular camera batteries.  They also have a 5pin DMX connection and pass through if you are integrating them into a larger grid.  You don’t need DMX if you are just using them alone, as they can be controlled wirelessly using an app on your phone (or of course with the controls on the back panel).  One nicety for rigging them is that their 5/8″ receiver can either have the light upright or it has the holes to lay it “flat” at 90º from vertical if you need them to shoot straight down.  Thin, light, RGB, decent output…it’s the perfect light!