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    Matthews Studio Equipment DC Slider

    • 150 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Matthews Studio Equipment DC Slider
    • Tripod legs base
    • Stackable counter weights
    • Manfrotto 701 head w/pan arm
    • Hand crank
    • Two soft re-enforced carry cases

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    MSE’s new slider is built around a 6’ long extruded aluminum beam.  While your camera slides along the top of the beam, a belt-connected counterweight moves exactly opposite your camera on the bottom of the beam.  This means that the center of gravity is always directly over the support tripod.  So unlike competing devices, with our slider you don’t need outrigger supports at the ends of the beam.  A central pivot means you can do vertical and diagonal moves just as easily, and the counterweight means the camera slides with fingertip pressure and stays put when you take your hand off it.  Since everything is belt driven, a hand crank lets you control the slide motion (and opens up some interesting motion control possibilities in the future).  Attachable end feet let you pull the slider off the tripod and use it near the ground.  Additionally, by using one of the end feet and repositioning two handles, it’s possible to configure the rig as a completely vertical tower.

    But the slider part is only half the story. Since we already have a pivot point and a counterweight, converting the unit into a small jib is relatively easy by attaching a control arm with two locking screws.  The camera head can be adjusted to allow for a non-linear tilt throughout its range, emulating a powered head for simple boom moves.  The unit can handle a camera up to 22 pounds.

    Simple. Unique. Flexible. Versatile.