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    Metabones Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T CINE Speed Booster XL 0.64x

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Metabones Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T CINE Speed Booster XL 0.64x
    • Two caps

    Well.  That title is certainly a mouthful, isn’t it?  What’s it all mean?  Well, Micro Four Thirds cameras (like a Panasonic GH5) have an imaging chip in them that is exactly one quarter the size of a full frame camera (like a Canon 5D or a Sony A7Sll).  So if you were to use lenses designed for full frame cameras on them, the focal length of the lens would be exactly double what’s written on the lens.  Why double and not four times?  Think of four M43 sensors laid out as two across and two down to fill the same area as a full frame sensor.  What speedbooster adaptors do is rather than just being a metal “tube”, they have lens elements in the adaptor itself to try to get the focal length of the adapted lens closer to being the same on the adapted camera.  Think of the adaptor as a wide angle lens between the lens and the camera.  And like any wide angle lens, once you start going super wide, you start introducing distortion into the mix.  So to take a full frame lens with a two times factor of multiplication and squeeeeze it down to cover a M43 sensor would cause unrealistic distortion and have lens elements that may not physically fit in the adaptor.  Metabones has compromised and engineered this 0.64 adaptor.  A different (and possibly better) way to think of it is that full frame lenses used with this adaptor will have a 1.28 multiplication factor on a M43 camera, rather than the 2x multiplication factor they would have if it was just a tube.

    Also, you know how things seen through binoculars are brighter because the lenses are gathering light and focusing it down onto one area (your eye)?  These adaptors take the extra lens area meant to gather light for a full frame sensor, and use that extra “wasted” area to focus more light onto the smaller M43 sensor, effectively increasing the light gathering ability of the lens by one third.  Hence: speed booster. So what would be a 70-200mm f2.8 lens on a Canon 5D, becomes a 90-255mm f1.9 lens on our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.  Hope this little lesson in physics and math helps.

    The adaptor itself is $25/day on its own, or free when rented with one of our lenses.  Keep in mind that it is standard with our BMCC 4K so if it’s out, so is this adaptor.  It has a bayonet mount on the lens side to lock the lens onto the adaptor.  Go to Metabones’s website to check if your camera / lens is compatible with this adaptor: