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    Neewer 4 Bi-Colour LED Panel Kit

    • 100 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Neewer 4 Bi-Colour LED Panel Kit
    • Four bi-colour LED panels
    • Four power supplies with 25' cords
    • Four light stands
    • Rolling Pelican case

    Compatible Add-Ons:

    For years our Lowel 3 Kit was  the “go to” kit for people looking for an inexpensive 3 point interview kit.  It’s still a great kit, but we started looking at options for kits that can take advantage of some of the new technologies that have come into the marketplace.  We’ve come up with this flexible LED kit.  It’s comprised of four bi-colour panels.  These aren’t going to compete with our Astra units in size or output, but again, they’re not trying to.  Adjusting between tungsten and daylight gives you some options if there’s windows in the room, without needing correction gels.  Each panel has a diffuser over the LEDs to smooth out shadows, and the attached barn doors work to limit spread.  Matthew MERF stands are sturdy enough for these lights, expand to over seven feet tall, while folding down to a size where they can be included in the case.  Four power supplies with 25′ plug-in cords let you move the units around, and this whole kit won’t come close to using up a standard household circuit.  Each of the panels come with a mount for a couple of Sony 7.4 volt batteries (not included) if you can’t get to a plug.  And the best part?  Look at that PRICE!