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    Nila Boxer LED Light

    • 150 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Nila Boxer LED Light
    • Barn doors
    • CTO and beam focusing lenses
    • AC Cord
    • Choice of 2k or 750 stand
    • Rolling Pelican hard case

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    This is a daylight LED fixture that puts out roughly the same amount of light as our Joker 400 HMI, but it’s bit different.  The light is actually composed of 25 LED elements.  They emit very little heat, and they are at full power instantly.  Their beam spread can be tailored by dropping plastic “holographic lenses” in front of them.  These combine the separate elements into a coherent beam, and like an HMI PAR, different lenses lead to different widths of beam (spot or flood).  The lenses can also be combined with CTO colour correction inserts, and the slide on barn doors.  While the high output LEDs don’t pass on heat to the subject (and no Ultra Violet light), their circuitry does lead to the fixture itself getting warm.  To combat this, a good portion of the back half of the unit is aluminum fins for passive cooling.  The fixture draws 200 watts.  It is flicker free for slo-mo shots up to 1500 frames per second.  It has built in mounting points for a Chimera softbox (not supplied), and can be mounted either on a 2K or 750 stand.  It has a push button digital dimmer on the back, and it can also be DMX controlled.