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    O’Connor 2575c Fluid Head

    • 185 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • O’Connor 2575c Fluid Head
    • 120mm "Euro" plate with integral locking Touch & Go plate
    • Dovetail plate
    • Sliding quick-release plate with studio rod (100mm) holders
    • 17 inch long steel 15mm rods
    • Assistant's front box bracket, viewfinder support bracket
    • Two pan arms, one pan handle
    • Hard aluminum shipping case

    The 2575 is a long time industry standard, and for good reason.  This head has a Mitchell mount and is capable of a full range of tilt for cameras up to 87 pounds.  The hard pin lock, along with the pan & tilt brake locks are all on the viewfinder side, and operable by feel.  A long travel “Euro” plate makes finding the centre of gravity easy, and its spring & cam locking mechanism means you can clip (rather than slide) your camera rig into place.  Once you have the centre of gravity, the variable counterbalance crank makes it easy to set your spring strength so that the camera stays right where you leave it.  Stepless drag means super smooth moves.  Consistent repeatability, quick adjustability, and smoothness.  Just what you want in a tripod head.

    This unit is generally teamed up with our Ronford Baker and Cartoni tripods.