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    Panasonic HPX250

    • 175 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Panasonic HPX250
    • Soft multi-compartment carry bag with shoulder strap
    • Two 64GB P2 memory cards
    • USB memory card reader
    • Three batteries
    • Battery charger/power supply + AC cord

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    Three major selling points for this camera are its 10bit AVCintra P2 memory card based recording system, connectors for genlock and time code, and the 22x zoom ratio of its built-in lens. That lens also has optical image stabilization, and rings for focus, zoom & iris.  ND filters are built into the camera, as are waveform and vectorscope monitors.  The camera uses 3 full HD CMOS sensors that are great in low light.  Its memory card recording system enables many unique options including variable frame rates, time lapse, single frame animation and pre-record so you don’t miss crucial moments.  It has both HD-SDI and HDMI outputs for High Definition monitoring. The camera itself is well balanced, and at around 2.5kg, reasonably light weight. We send ours out with two 64GB P2 cards and a USB based reader.