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    Panasonic HPX600 Camera and 2/3″ Lens

    • 450 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Panasonic HPX600 Camera and 2/3″ Lens
    • NEW! Any B4 lens is included for free
    • Three Gold mount batteries minimum 130wH
    • Battery Charger + AC cord
    • On-camera microphone
    • Rain cover
    • Soft carry bag with strap
    • Hard shipping case on request
    • Camera strap on request

    Meet our newest ENG style High Definition camera.  It shoots 10bit AVCIntra to two included 64GB P2 cards, or it can also shoot the legacy DVCPRO-HD format.  Panasonic cameras have always rendered colours nicely, and that tradition carries on with this camera.  Reports from the field have camerapeople enthused about how light it is!  We send it out with a P2 card reader for offloading your footage. We also sometimes send it out with our HPM100 laptop deck.  Light, flexible, high quality, data centric work flow – what more could anyone want?

    We’ve recently revised the pricing on all of our 2/3″ B4 mount cameras. Any of our B4 lenses are now free and included in the price of the camera.