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    Rhino ARC ll 4 Axis Motion Control Slider

    • 250 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Rhino ARC ll 4 Axis Motion Control Slider
    • Pan/Tilt head with integral battery and Manfrotto plate
    • 15mm rod with integral focus motor
    • 42" slider with geared belt and end feet
    • 24" slider with geared belt and end feet
    • High torgue and high speed slider motors
    • Two height adjustable tripod bases with levelling heads
    • Ethernet control/power cables
    • Canon & Sony time lapse cables

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    We’ve tried a few motion control rigs in the past, and they were so finicky and required so much support that they were un-rentable.  In the Rhino ARC ll, ease of use and capability combine to make creating moves a joy rather than a chore.  You’ll want to challenge yourself to come up with ever more complex shots.

    To start, the Rhino has two belt driven sliders.  The 24″ slider has carbon fibre rails, with a central mounting point for your tripod.  The 42″ slider has chrome steel rails, and in addition to the central mount it has two “wing” mounts for the included tripod bases that have levelling heads. Both sliders have folding height adjustable end legs for table top or ground level work without a tripod.  There are also 3/8″ and 1/4″ threaded holes on the bottom of the end pieces for either accessories, or potentially as mounting points for a stabilizing monopod.  The belts are driven by interchangeable motors that clip on the end.  One is a high torque motor for doing hyper slow moves, or carrying heavy weight.  In fact, if you mount the 42″ slider on end, the high torque motor has the power to do vertical moves with your camera.  The high speed motor is for everyday typical moves.  So, sliding is one axis of movement.  The next two come from mounting the pan/tilt head to the slide unit.  The pan/tilt head has the “brains” of the system, as well as a large internal battery to power every component, and cameras mount to it using the standard included Manfrotto plate.  It also has a small control screen, along with two joysticks to step through settings and adjust the 4 motors.  4 motors?  The fourth axis is a lens motor to adjust the focus on your lens.  It connects to the brain with a short ethernet cable, while the slider motor connects to the brain with a long ethernet cable that is stiff and engineered to stay out of the way.  Slide.  Pan.  Tilt.  Focus.  4 axis.

    Using it is simplicity itself.  Use the the joysticks to set your starting point, and then your end point.  Set your duration, and tell it if you want it to loop.  Then press go.  That’s it.  It can take cameras up to 15 pounds.  There is also an app to control it, but frankly, you don’t need it.  If you’re unhappy with the move, you can go back into the start/stop points and edit their parameters.  In addition to the live video moves, it is capable of doing time lapse photography, and we rent it with cables to trigger the shutter on Sony and Canon still cameras.