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    RØDE Wireless GO 2 Dual Wireless Microphone

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • RØDE Wireless GO 2 Dual Wireless Microphone
    • Two 3.5mm lapel mics w/Clips and windsocks
    • Two wind blocking furry covers
    • Four-place USB charger w/cables
    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm analogue output cable
    • iOS and USB-C output cables

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    With this RØDE system, we’re dipping our toes into a third class of wireless system.  We have our Lectros at the high end and Sony’s UWP systems cover the middle ground, but both of those systems cater to traditional users.  RØDE is targeting folks who value size and flexibility over the typical “pro” features.

    These mics use wifi for their signal, and that’s good on many fronts.  First, the computer world means economies of scale and miniaturization.  It also means a digital signal path, and like all wifi devices, the ability to automatically hop seamlessly to another wifi channel if there is interference.  Size wise, when RØDE came out with the first generation of these units people couldn’t believe how much they managed to cram into a unit that is about 1.5 inches squared, and this Receiver now takes two channels!  They charge their non-removeable battery over USB, and we supply a 4-place charger in our kit.

    We supply each transmitter with a traditional plug-in lapel microphone, but the really unique thing about these units is that there is an omnidirectional microphone built into the body of each transmitter.  “Hiding the Mic” simply isn’t a priority to many of the end users these mics are targeted at.  Say you’re a yoga instructor trying to start your own instructional channel on Youtube.  Rather than a traditional beltpack (what yoga outfit has a belt?) and a corded lapel mic that gets tangled up and ripped off in the middle of a pose, simply clip the transmitter itself to your outfit near the neck and away you go.  The transmitters even have twist-on “furry” wind protection if you’re wearing them outside on the lapel of your coat.  The spring loaded clip on the back of the receiver is sized so that it also can slide into a camera’s hotshoe.  Clever!

    One of the main reasons we bought this system is for a scenario that is happening more frequently.  Say you want to be the Casey Neistat of Youtube yoga.  With a traditional wireless, if you want to stream you have to find some way of getting its audio into a phone or computer.  This generally means taking its analog output into a mixer and then into a conversion device that allows it to come into a computer, and you’ll likely need a non-standard device to get the signal into a phone .  With the GO 2, it’s already digital and it already has a USB output on the Receiver.  We supply it with a USB to Lightning cable for direct integration with iOS devices, as well as a USB to USB-C cable for laptops and many Android phones.  Think of it: two hosts each with their own mic, plugged directly into your iPhone.  Live streaming doesn’t get much easier, smaller or more mobile than that!