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    Roland VC-1-SC Up/Down/Cross Scan Converter

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Roland VC-1-SC Up/Down/Cross Scan Converter
    • Power supply
    • Mission specific cables
    • Hard carry case

    We watch so much of our day-to-day video on our computers.  But if you ever try to use a computer’s signal in the pro video world, you are in for a rude surprise.  This lovely box takes VGA, DVI or even Composite signals in, and regardless of their resolution/colour space/frame rate/scan format, outputs them as regulated HD-SDI or HDMI.  If the originating signal is not in the 16×9 aspect ratio, you can make it fit either by stretching it or displaying it with black bars.  The box has dip switches and a printed menu to control its functions locally, or you can control it over a USB connection using free software.  You can add or de-imbed audio depending on which direction you’re going.